Erosion Control Solutions and Drainage

Erosion Control Solutions

Water damage is a major problem for homes and businesses, but a combination of solutions can easily remedy those problems.

Effective Erosion Control and Drainage

Water is often found where it should not be, and having effective erosion control solutions and drainage prevents improper water flow that damages property and can cause erosion. Erosion control solutions and drainage include French drains, downspout connections, retaining walls, hydroseeding, temporary seeding, permanent seeding, mulching, silt fencing, straw wattles, and bioswales. Second Nature Landscapes, Inc. is an expert in determining which solutions will best meet the client’s drainage needs.

Over the past several years, much attention has been given to water quality in the Northwest Arkansas area. State and city governments are focusing attention on improving our natural watersheds. Construction projects are now requiring extensive use of erosion control systems including the installation of water runoff cleansing bioswales. (See The Beaver Watershed Alliance or The Illinois River Watershed Partnership for more information.)

Second Nature’s new business division, Erosion Control Solutions LLC, has developed an expertise through the installation of erosion control systems, and particularly the installation of bioswales and rain gardens.


Water Quality Initiatives

Second Nature’s new business division, Erosion Control Solutions LLC, has developed expertise in the installation of innovative erosion control and water quality systems including:

find effective drainage solutions with Second Nature Landscapes
  • Bioswales
  • Level spreader dams
  • Rain gardens
  • Permeable pavers
The importance of these initiatives will continue to increase as government agencies require construction projects to maintain water quality standards.
When Second Nature Landscapes, Inc. examines a potential drainage or water problem, we can offer multiple solutions as your single source contractor. We can do it all!