Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma all have their respective natural charm and the outdoor living spaces we design at Second Nature Landscapes celebrate that appeal.

We use many types of natural stones to create our hardscapes including natural looking flagstone patios, rock gardens, and river rock landscaping. Our experienced outdoor living designers help homeowners determine how they plan to use the space and which hardscapes best fit those usage needs.

For example, does the smooth flagstone with its packed joints that allows water to permeate rather than running off make more sense? The most common flagstone types are sandstone, slate and limestone. We design a patio that uses the most visually appealing flagstone for that purpose.

Many of our clients enjoy celebrating the mixture of rocks and plant life with a rock garden. The natural rocks and stones along with native plants add an attractive and functional component to the outdoor living space.

River rock landscaping presents an unique look as the stones are smoothed by time and flowing water. River rock is a popular hardscapes solution to line walkways, fill flower beds, and to give a visually appealing element to any other landscaping feature.

Second Nature Hardscape Patio Natural Stone

Turn your backyard into the best outdoor living space utilizing the best hardscape designs that Second Nature Landscapes have to offer.